Introducing the new Adventure Ready Clean Lineup

Everything you need to Get Wildly Clean

Getting clean in the great outdoors can be messy, that's why we created the Adventure Ready lineup - a set of compact kits meticulously designed to take the headaches and hassles (not to mention the unnecessary waste) out of maintaining your personal care routine out in the wild.

The Adventure Ready Clean Capsule

Unlock unparalleled personal care with just a splash of water

Pre-loaded with water-activated soap flakes and compressed towelettes, the Clean Capsule is fully outfitted with all the essential ingredients for good, clean fun.

Biodegradable Soap Flakes

Ultra-concentrated soap flakes provide a rich lather and deep clean with limited environmental impact - no sketchy dyes or chemical fragrances here!

Plant-Based Compressed Cleaning Towelettes

Tightly-packed towelettes expand several times larger with just a few drops of water.

Wherever your adventure takes you, just add water

How To Get Wildly Clean:

Flake Out!

When it's time to get clean, pop open your Clean Capsule and shake out a flake or two.

Just Add Water

Grab your water bottle and add a splash to saturate and activate the flakes.

Get Wildly Clean!

Work into a rich lather and wash your hands, body, clothing, or even your camp dishes!

ROUGHING IT has never felt so SMOOTH

Pack a Clean Capsule, and leave the headaches at home

Less Mess, Less Fuss

Liquid-free format eliminates messy leaks and blowouts in your pack.

All Purpose Powerhouse

Works wonderfully on hands, body, clothing, dishes...whatever you need.

Leaves No Trace

Helps cut down on wasteful, single-use plastic product bottles.

Good to Go, Wherever You Go

Compact form fits perfectly in any pack, carry-on, or toiletry kit.

Tap into a Towel

When you need to wipe down or dry off, flip your Clean Capsule and shake out a towelette.


Add a drop (or two - three depending on your needs) and watch the towelette expand.

Wipe Down!

Unfurl the damp towelette and use to wipe down your hands, face, body...whatever you need!

Adventure Ready Kits

The Clean Capsule is tailor-made to plug and play across the spectrum of Adventure Ready hygiene and cleaning kits... See it in action!

The Trowel Toilet Kit

Everything you need to answer when nature calls

Locked and loaded with the Adventure Ready Clean Capsule and on-board toilet paper, the Trowel Toilet Kit handles all your backwoods bathroom needs.

Forged Aluminum Camp Trowel

Rugged trowel with serrated edges makes digging bathroom catholes a breeze.

Clean Capsule

Pre-loaded with water-activated soap flakes and compressed towelettes to make steathly cleanups a breeze.

Built-in Toilet Paper Cartridge

Reloadable 2-ply TP spool nests discreetly inside trowel handle.

Wherever you go, Go Wild!

How to use your trowel:

Pop the Top

When nature calls, find a spot and pop the cover off your trowel by grasping the cover and pressing the top down with your thumb or index finger.

Dig In

Dig a 6-8 inch deep cathole to bury waste. Remember to ensure you are at least 200 feet from any trails, camp sites, or sources of water before you handle business. Cover hole with dirt when finshed.

Get Wildly Clean!

Grab your Clean Capsule, add water, and wash up. When you're finished, replace the clean capsule and pop the cover back on.

The Adventure Toiletry Kit

Everything you need to Stay Wildly Clean

Housed in a durable, washable carrying case, the Adventure Toiletry Kit comes fully stocked with convenient personal care and dental essentials - not to mention enough extra space to tote your at-home regimen on-the-go.

Tons of Carrying Capacity

Built-in elastic organization panel offers super secure storage for all your small personal care accessories.

Clean Capsule

Your go-to essentials to go; water-activated soap flakes and compressed towelettes make on-the-fly cleaning easy.

Tooth Care Capsule

Stashable capsule complete with toothbrush head and convenient storage for dental essentials.

Extra Bottles

Comes kitted with three empty squeeze bottles in case you want to choose your own product adventure.

The Tooth Care Capsule

A breath of fresh air on any adventure

Boasting a fully-stashable toothbrush head and plenty of space for a multitude of dental essentials, the Tooth Care Capsule is a convenient solution for fuss-free (and mess free) teeth cleaning in the great outdoors.

Stashable Toothbrush

Replaceable compact brush head packs inside capsule when not in use.

On-board Storage

Includes built-in storage compartment for toothpaste tablets (sold separately), floss, or other dental essentials.

Unpack fresh breath in the wild

Prep Your Paste

When it's time to brush your teeth, grab a toothpaste tablet (if you have one) or your toothpaste tube and unscrew your brush head.

Get Brushing

Flip the brush head and screw back into the capsule. Apply toothpaste to the brush head (or bite down on a tablet) and start brushing.

Stash It

Flip your brush and screw back into the capsule to keep safe from dirt and grime.